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Originally Posted by dcpatti View Post
OP, I would hope that you'd report this to US along with posting it here. Whether or not the FA's are competent is not really the issue; it's the appearance of competence projected (because it's very hard to truly know how competent someone is; we can just judge off of what we see outwardly). You can be the most capable, level-headed, well-trained person in the world but if you lose your composure in an intense situation, not only does it diminish your image and cause people to lose faith in you, but it affects the way the people around you will handle themselves. Act calm, cool and collected, and your passengers are more likely to act the same way.

If the way the FA's handled the emergency landing caused you to question their ability to respond to a worst-case scenario, then that really needs to be handled more formally than just in this forum.
Absolutely...reported via their website, have not received a response yet. Hopefully I am not the only one who reported it. Also commended the captain in my comment.

BTW - there was probably at least between when the Captain announced the issue and when we landed. Lots of time to gain composure and get your act together. We dumped fuel, etc before landing on runway 27, I think, at PHL. FlightAware track is below.

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