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Originally Posted by OzzyOzzie View Post
Huffy post (IMHO just above a tabloid in terms of reporting) reported the captain took control of the plane just 400 feet short of the runway.

NEW YORK -- The captain of a Southwest Airlines plane that landed on a collapsing nose gear at LaGuardia Airport took control from the first officer just 400 feet from the ground, the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday.
Yeah, I read that yesterday. The frustrating thing, in terms of getting information, is that the NTSB already knows why the captain took over and what the captain did in terms of piloting the aircraft. They've already interviewed both pilots, reviewed the CVR (cockpit voice recorder), and FDR (flight data recorder). Either this was a simple case of pilot error (on possibly both pilots' parts), a downburst which forced the nose of the aircraft down, or least likely, a control mechanism failure where the control surfaces didn't respond properly to the input of the pilot (which might have explained why the captain took over from the first officer).

Typically, taking over the aircraft at 400 feet, which is about a mile from the runway, shouldn't be a problem for a pilot with a lot of time in that particular aircraft.
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