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Emergency landing - Flight 3235 on 8/2 - horrible FA performance

Was on 3235 from DCA to Burlington VT on 8/2 that diverted to PHL. Sen Leahy from Vermont was on the plane, so the incident made the news a bit.

A bit out of DCA, the Captain came on the PA and announced that we had lost our hydraulics, and that we were diverting to PHL. The captain was very calm, and told us that he had over 30K flight hours and that we had nothing to be worried about. He was terrific through the whole process - explaining what would be happening, why PHL was chosen, that there would be vibrations from a full flat landing, etc. There would be emergency equipment meeting the plane, we would get checked out, etc...then hopefully get towed to the gate. He was calm, professional and did a great job getting the plane down and stopped safely.

On the other extreme, the two FAs on the plane were a mess. One of them, who was manning the PA system, literally sounded like she was going to burst into tears. The other was running madly up and down the aisle, berating passengers who had questions, etc. They barely were able to demonstrate the brace position, and generally looked panicked and at a loss for what to do. Definitely not calm or professional. I hate to imagine what would have happened had there been a crash landing of any sort.

It all ended fine, but really a tale of two cities in terms of how the crew performed.
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