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Originally Posted by SWFA View Post
I have a couple of questions using saver miles out of a PLT account.

Flying from DFW-HKG-SGN looking at F. The DFW-LAX segment can be done in Y not F. The LAX-HKG in F on CX is available then C onto SGN.

1) can I book the ticket (in Y) with no F available from DFW-LAX and standby for F space to open up on this flight OR another flight that will make my connection to HKG without burning additional miles?
2) I can change the dates after ticketing (without changing the origin and/or destination) without paying an additional fee. Right?
3) Am I forgetting something?

Yes. If there is F availability on the long haul segment, I would confirm it now. If there is Y sAAver availability, you can take a voluntary downgrade. Then, if F availability opens up later (or on a different DFW-LAX flight), you may upgrade or switch for no fee. Changing the dates or routing without changing O/D will incur no fee.

If you are still in Y on that domestic segment on the day of the flight, you should be above Y>F upgraders on the airport list.
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