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Originally Posted by cerealmarketer View Post
Here are photos from a PS business flight in January 2005.

How is this different than what we see today in business class?

In fact, that large size main was downsized by PMUA, and made larger after 3/3/12.

All I can gather is we don't have a 'specialty cocktail' listed on the menu, and no pre-arrival snack. But we're getting a lie flat seat and real personal entertainment screens. Crews are the same.

I say all of this as a critic as well. In fact, recently wrote to senior management about the need to mystery shop Delta on these routes, as they do a much better job than United or AA. And a better job than United PS business circa 2005.
The size of the main course was still the same - it's the plate that got bigger.

Originally Posted by bsb21 View Post
Yup! On my PS flights, they never brought out the bottle and I dared not ask what it was!
It's not a well known brand, and it's in a 187ml bottle, as opposed to a full size bottle.

Originally Posted by UA-NYC View Post
So I live in the metro NYC area, and have yet to see this commercial since it supposedly had a (regional) launch 4 weeks ago...anyone else seen it recently? Wonder if it got yanked...
I saw it last week during the NBC 11pm news. There is a large billboard near SFO advertising p.s. service as well.
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