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I updated the Wiki since I see a lot of questions on it.

You get $1000 of load from VR and debit load at WM per calendar day. That means 12am to 11:59pm EASTERN time.

That means you can load $2000 in one sitting if you just wait for the day to "reset." Load $1000 shortly before Bluebird midnight (midnight Eastern time) and load $1000 shortly after midnight. They'll count as loads for 2 separate days.

This works even at Walmart. I'm on the west coast so the day "resets" shortly after 9pm for me. I can go to WM and load $1000 on a Bluebird shortly before 9pm, then another $1000 on a Bluebird shortly after 9pm. That cuts down the # of trips I have to make if I only have debit cards.

Calendar month means calendar month. I don't know how that can be more clear.

When daylight savings occur and most of the country "falls back," the Bluebird clock does not, so in the winter, it is Midnight Eastern when the day resets.

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