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I just got back from my first trip to Mexico -- 5 days in the DF staying at the Polanco Camino Real. I can't wait to go back, but next time will stay in Condessa for sure. For my tastes the Camino Real's immediate neighborhood wasn't as walkable and interesting (despite that incredible park right across the street). I managed to strike up some conversation's with residents of Condesa and Roma with interesting perspectives on how the neighborhoods have changed over the years. One person told me that although Condesa's resurgence over the past few years was generated in part by artists looking for affordable work and gallery spaces, rent increases have pushed some of them into the Roma neighborhood where rents are still reasonable. The current addition of Timeout Mexico City has a great walking tour of the two neighborhoods.

In any cases I found the galleries, book stores, cafes, restaurants, parks, architecture and the mellow (but not sleepy) vibe in general in both neighborhoods to be more my thing than the area around the Camino Real. You've probably read up on the history of the residential architecture in Condesa and Roma with all of their old mansions. Check out the Condesa Reforma hotel which looked to be having some sales last I checked.

I was looking forward to going out to a club in the Centre late night and was advised by a long time resident not to go by myself so I didn't but now I wish I had. Like anyplace, personal safety is an unpredictable alchemy of how easy a mark you perceive yourself and knuckleheads perceive you and dumb luck.

I had a delicious huitaloche appetizer at the Villa Maria in Polanco but think it was canned. I still liked it.
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