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As Perche says, Florence is a matter of taste (as for that matter most places). And as Perche literally says "Why?". Given that, here are some of my thoughts on your question along with my best wished for a wonderful trip.

All three cities are great and have a lot to offer - putting them into one 10 day trip when you are flying in/out of FCO can make it a grind (I wouldn't do it). If you have the ability to fly in one city and out the other, it becomes a little more reasonable.

It's all cities and a lot of what Italy has to offer lies in the countryside. One might consider Tuscany for a segment of the trip (although a car would be recommended). Siena is interesting, San Gimignano beautiful. You'll be there for the fall cuisine so if you like game (Cinghiale - wild boar is classic) you'll have some nice choices.

Early November in Amalfi is delightful. Weather is reasonable/comfortable, traffic is light and accommodations better priced. One really needs a car there (as noted above), one can relax and slow down and there is some great history (Pompeii, Herculaneum), and some beautiful places to see (Capri, Amalfi, Positano, and even parts of Sorrento). However, if you choose to go to Amalfi, it pretty much makes sense as a Rome/Amalfi trip skipping Florence and Venice.

It's all about personal choice and what one would find interesting.

Personally, I think finding a balance between seeing the historical Italy and the Italy of today (people, culture, way of life) is quite enriching. Seeing a Puccini opera written 100 years ago in the Roman Arena in Verona built 2000 years ago performed by contemporaries. Visiting hilltop villages that were built 700 years ago where people live and work today. Going to Pompeii and walking through an ancient city so vivid that thoughts of those that lived there pop up around every corner.
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