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Grrrr... FlexPerks Rewards booking engine isn't showing any AM even when I make that airline the preference or format it as a multi-city with or without AM as preference. AM is invisible to The Rewards Center even as it's showing on public T-locity.

I seem to remember a similar problem last year on the WAS-LIM deal on AM. I had to use the phone backup, which of course has limited hours and isn't open at this hour. Fare might be gone by the time it is. FlexPerk's own version of the .bomb.

(For those not following, I'm trying to spend points to get this rather than $$, so I can't try multiple sites)

Fare looks very mistakey, BTW. Fares to other cities in the region AM serves (BCN, MAD, LON) aren't following the pattern. So DON'T CALL THE AIRLINE!!!!
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