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Schengen - recent change

There is going to be a lot of confusion over the next few weeks because...:

Until this week Schengen countries required passports of non-visa nationals to be valid for the duration of their intended stay only.

About four weeks ago the EU quietly decided to change this and require three months extra validity with effect from this week. They didn't make a big announcement (at least none that I saw); I'm only aware of it because of a thread on another travel forum.

Schengen always required three months validity for those who need a visa, but until last week those who don't require a visa did not need those extra three months.

The new requirement does not, of course, affect EU nationals (as it would be a breach of their free movement rights).

BTW, contrary to what some people think the USA has no six months requirement for visa waiver nationals. The passport requirement is "must be valid for the period of intended stay" (that's quoted from Timatic)
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