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Originally Posted by thom1033 View Post
Two stupid questions (semi-related):

Background: I'm currently booked on AA LIT-LAX and back 10/9/13 out and 10/23/13 back, with a separate itin on QF booked from LAX - MEL and back for the same dates. This was significantly cheaper than booking it all on AA. I'm in paid F (P fare) for the AA itin and paid J on the QF itin (also nonrefundable).

1) As anal as I am, and I fretted about this in an earlier post, I'd be more comfortable flying in to LAX the evening before, on 10/8, so I'd reduce the possibilities of missing the QF flight due to unforeseen delays. The flight I'm currently booked on arrives LAX at around 4:00 pm with the QF flight leaving around 11:30 pm or so.. I have family in LA, so I could actually get a quick visit in too, rather than just sit in the hotel or LAX.

1a)Related to this, when I try to change the flights on aa.com, it continually throws up an error. Is there a restriction that you can change same day flights with a change fee with AA, but can't change the day for a nonrefundable ticket?

1b)Also related to this, assuming I am able to change the day I fly out by paying a change fee and whatever fare difference, would I be able to pay that with a transportation voucher from AA? I have a $410 credit with them.

2) I assume that this trip would qualify me for platinum status with AA if I chose to do the challenge, without needing any other flights, correct?

Thanks all. Very much looking forward to my trip, just getting myself worked up over small details.
You are fretting about this way too much. The connection time is AMPLE. If at the end of the day you must make the change you will be better to call AA. You should note that a change to the outbound flight will cause the who trip to be re-fared.

If you choose to enroll in the Platinum challenge then you will have complete that challenge on the outbound flights, so you would be a Platinum/OW Sapphire on the return trip - depending how long you will be in AUS.
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