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Originally Posted by philemer View Post
Then they are not trying.
I am aware of it. I know it's features. I don't like it.

Can we please not keep assuming that there is a one size fits all (which - of course - happens to be the way you like to do things!) and that if someone doesn't like it/finds it awkward/doesn't use it then it is their fault for not being willing to do what you do? Thinking like that is how we get monstrous mega threads running to thousands of posts across years and years and years that become more and more inaccessible as time goes on...


When I run training, I have to bear in mind that people learn in different ways. That's what we are doing here - learning. And to assume there is only one way to do it is to ignore a lot of research into behaviours associated with learning. One size does not fit all when it comes to learning.
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