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Originally Posted by dieuwer2 View Post
So, no World Cup no unrest?.
What is happening, as I mentioned before, is NOT "unrest"; it is peaceful marches (with a few fringe elements that the media chooses to focus on). But yes, pretty much sparked by the media spotlight because of the games. Brazil probably hasn't seen this much "activism" since the time of the dictator when Brazilian academics and entertainment figures were deported for criticizing the government.

Originally Posted by dieuwer2 View Post
For now, I would suggest holding off on buying airfare, making reservations for a hotel, and buying tickets to soccer games.
Since not much is really happening in Brazil to effect anything (games, tourists, or daily life), casting doubt on the practicality of making plans seems an overexaggeration.
Are you one of those who think that spreading rumors that attempt to ruin tourism (and taking money out of the pockets of those who desperately need it, while actually trying to aim for the profiteers) is going to somehow teach the Brazilian government some sort of lesson? And somehow force them reform the system?

Tickets go on sale tomorrow. A tad bit too late to change venues now. ;-0
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