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Originally Posted by Pedro M View Post
SF - I enjoyed reading your report and I'm happy to read that you didn't encounter any problems driving to Paracas and back. Seems that you were well prepared for the trip. Driving in Peru is certainly different that driving in the U.S. and unless you have a good map it is easy to get lost or to take the wrong exit from the highway. On the other hand, I'd take driving in Peru over being stuck in traffic on the 101 at rush hour! (I've been in the Bay area at least twice a month so far this year.)

Good thing you didn't have any problems with the police roadblocks. Sometimes they try to find something wrong to force you to 'facilitate' your way out of an imaginary violation.
I found that GPS on my phone with a cache version of Google Maps worked really well. Almost turn by turn and tracked very well.

No kidding about 101. As the economy here improves, it becomes more like a parking lot.

I've dealt with ambiguous policing situations around the world and I guess if you are prepared for it and take it all in stride without getting too upset, things will be ok. I was ready to sneak s10 - 20 over with my driver's license but never had to do it.

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