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Originally Posted by fkaway View Post
Thinking of this kind of mileage run with LX later this year, which airport as starting point for connection in ZRH is "safer" regarding strikes, LX plane cancellation, fog, weather delays:

Rome is a splendid city but I would second the advice to avoid FCO. At all costs.

MXP has always worked for me when transiting through ZRH but I try to leave myself a buffer, i.e., book an earlier MXP-ZRH flight than the minimum allowable transit time. You did not specify whether you're thinking of making the LX mileage run to New York, but let's suppose so, and let's suppose you have the 1300 ZRH-JFK flight in mind. You might then consider booking the 0700 MXP-ZRH flight; if for some reason there's an irrop you still have two later flights that morning to catch the JFK flight.

Consider staying the night before at the Sheraton MXP, across the street from the terminal. On a C ticket you can use the fast-track security lane which, even when backed up, means you can make it from the Sheraton lobby to airside in 15 minutes.

Strikes? Yes, they happen, but normally with some notice. If for some reason there's a last-minute strike, you can still get to Milano Centrale for the 0710 train to Zurich on the Malpensa Express train at 0543 or bus to Milano Centrale at 0500 or 0530.
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