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Originally Posted by kipper
With an award planning forum, wouldn't a lot of people end up posting questions there that should go in the appropriate airline forum instead? Will it confuse people?
Of course it will for both new & not-so-new members alike and is why I'd not be in favor of creating such a forum. IMHO the best way to rationalize access to information is to consolidate and have fewer forums, not constantly be creating more forums which only helps to divide & diffuse.

For example why have one idine forum, which sees only a few threads created per month, and a separate DiningBuzz! forum when the two could be consolidated into something that serves both purposes? Call it "Dining Discussion & Meal Plans" or something similar to indicate the dual purpose but it just seems natural to me to have both together.

Same with having Hotel Deals within Miles & Points when to me it's morphed into more of a hotel misprice/special offer forum than one to earn miles or points from posted hotel stays. Again, maybe it would be more intuitive to have it amalgamated within a renamed Hotels subheading.

If that kind of consolidation means we need to redo the current headings of Miles & Points, Community, etc. then maybe more generic headings can be used instead such as "Air Programs", "Hotels", "Destinations", etc.

Like cblaisd & Sweet Willie I'd rather see us maximizing the forums already in place before rushing to create new ones which to me is the easy way out.
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