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Originally Posted by drspear View Post
ok to answer the several points, yes work pay, and yes I have always thought about the balance sheet as if I was travelling on my own spend, same goes for hotels, expense items etc. Its something I have always done.

in answer to how do you get BA gold, I got 2 years from ex BMI diamond club gold, that I got through going to San Fransisco on economy promo ( GBP 450 ABZ FRA SFO ) on a family account so 12k x 3 gave me 36k then a few business trips made me gold

I might try it out this time given the pros mentioned above just to see the difference, but it doesn't sit comfortably with me, my colleagues all take it all the time though to be fair.

also yes am gold and have had the emergency exits booked through this when travelling economy, which is another reason 1250 more seems excessive

Its hard changing from council estate / working class upbringing into the next areas, just the way I have been raised.
I mean to say this in the most gentle possible way, but am I the only one that is inclined to answer YES or NO to this question? We can all post a thousand different methods of reasoning but mostly reach a 2 letter conclusion.
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