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Is there a PNR to this reservation? If so, is it one that was used on a flight you just took? Did you complain, have issues, were unruly? (I'm making you paranoid ). You mentioned it showed up three days ago - by chance did you finish the last "coupon" of a ticket?

PNRs go away 5-7 days after an itinerary is completed. In some cases, where the airline wants to extend your PNR for any given reason (you were a no-show, special cases, you're being "tracked", etc.) the airline places a retention element into your reservation. In other words, someone physically added this to your reservation. It could be a glitch but it would be a huge glitch.

This "retention element" is the placement of an entire segment with a fake flight number, almost always with the code "ZZ" for the airline ("ZZ" doesn't exist), and then a generic flight number 1000, 1100, 1234, etc. with a strange routing that typically doesn't exist. What's odd is that it's not easy to do and it takes time to put in the flight number, the city pairs (to make sure it doesn't exist), and a/c type. Our fellow FTer got it right: "FAK-FLT" or "Fake-Flight". This was definitely meant to hold one of your PNRs.

Also odd is that you, the passenger, should not be seeing this, so whoever did this removed the "veil" and it's showing where you can see it on-line.

Big Brother is tagging you...

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