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Originally Posted by BoeingBoy View Post
The earlier your flights are in 2014 the better.


I'd hope that US would give a cut-off date for issuing awards well in advance of that cut-off date. If they do, you'd know when you get the award tickets that they'd be good.

It's a given that at some point in time *A award tickets won't be issued - you can't expect to redeem your US/converted to AA miles on *A forever. ...
Given the post I just made I should say I agree with your comments. It would not be conceivable that US would fail to give substantial warning of
changes to DM, including program merger with AAdvantage. As a matter of prudence I'd schedule any redemptions you want to make with the more reluctant *A redemption partners (SQ, LH come to mind) as soon as possible. OTOH, if you're looking to redeem on JJ it probably matters little because JJ is also moving to OW with timing possibly similar to that of US.
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