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Originally Posted by tigerhunt2011 View Post
Edited: I have another thread about the AoR itself, this pertains to questions really for all future AoRs about freezing reports

I'm planning an AoR in August, and I'm thinking of freezing my TU and EX reports so the bureaus will only pull my EQ. Why I'm wanting to do this is because my most recent inquiries on my EQ were 07/12. My question is CAN I do this? Will it work as I'm wanting it to, where all three issuers JUST see my sparkly Equifax? Not that the other two are horrible, my TU is just rather shaky right now due to being battered by inquiries (plus, my AAoA is on the low side, but the Amex will help).

I'm wanting
1 AMEX Personal (50k MB Plat)
1 AMEX Business (50k BGR)
2 Chase Personal (40kCSP, 30-55k UA MPE)
1 Citi Personal (50k AA Visa Plat)
1 Citi Business (40k Visa)

Chase pulls EX in Arizona. AMEX has pulled all three, but it was my first time with them. I've heard they also pull EX, which they did for my April 2013 Gold Business DL card. Citi pulled TU & EX for all three of my AA cards + 1 TYP.

In August I will have:

Transunion: 11 inquiries in 12 months (14 in 24)
Experian: 10 inquiries in 12 months (12 in 24)
Equifax: 0 inquiries in past 12 months, 5 in 24 (all 5 were July 2012)

Any advice on freezing reports is VERY appreciated! Thank you
Both Amex and Citi have about a 99.9% chance of telling you to pound sand if you ask them to pull something other than what they tried first. Chase you might be able to convince to pull something else...emphasis on might.

This tactic doesn't work as well as it used to.
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