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Originally Posted by dtremit View Post
The real loss if you give up CLT is the intra-south flying -- you'd pretty much be ceding those trips to DL. No one is going to fly from MSY to GSO via MIA or PHL.
I agree with you in general and hope you are right.

But as for no one ... I was flummoxed earlier this spring when half a MSY-CLT flight I was on (and a full up one at that -- no upgrades for me!) were Venezuelans .... Asked them what was up, and it turns out it was election day for them. Chavez had apparently closed the MIA consulate to discourage voting by ex-pats (at least that was what I was told), so they had flown to MSY to vote at consulate there. Via CLT! Go figure. Closest evidence I could come up with of the possibility of a demand for GSO-MIA-MSY.
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