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Originally Posted by Pausanias View Post
I think I might say that in an earlier life I was a professional writer and if I contributed a para like that I would expect to be sacked on the spot.
Ha-ha, I agree.

Originally Posted by xracer View Post
Leaving aside the writing style issue noted by Pausanias, I actually have a question about the content of what was posted. Having been to the FSHK a couple of times (and I do love it), I have never received the level of service that Ms. Middlehusrt is referring to (specifically, the 'mini turn-down', but it also seems that the water at the evening turn down may have been chosen specifically for her). My very strong hunch is that she received this level of service because of who she is and because the hotel knew who she was and was trying to impress her (after all, she does not travel anonymously).
Originally Posted by Kettering Northants QC View Post
The General Managers of the hotels she visits will fully understand the influence the guide has on steering wealthy well heeled travellers to pick their hotels over a competitors.

The readership of the guide understands that she does not travel incognito. It is absolutely clear, there is no pretence otherwise.
+1 to these two points. This puts a damper on the reviews, in my opinion, as would any travel guide in which reviewers get kickbacks, but the reader understands that, so the guide still seems to have value for what it is. (I had what must be called the normal experience at the Four Seasons Hong Kong, and found it nothing exemplary given the price.) Though I don't really care for the "experience-dropping," as if the writer is bragging about how special the service is because of her status, nor do I care for posters here implying that anyone who doesn't worship "Lyn" (whom I unfortunately do not know on a first-name basis) is somehow not a sophisticated traveler.

I will buy a copy.
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