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No, it's not "cookies or nuts for breakfast." Unless the flight is listed as "Breakfast" or "Snack" on aa.com, you should not expect either. "Refreshments" typically means drinks, and some nuts, snack mix, cookies, or the like.

When AA has food for sale on a flight, it is for sale to Coach passengers. I think the earlier poster was suggesting that if there is food for sale to Coach passengers on your flight, the flight attendant might offer any unsold packs to First Class passengers without charge.

Meals on flights are determined by flight length, time of day, etc. For a short flight at 10:30 AM on a regional jet that offers First Class (not all regional jets do), First Class gets you a larger seat, quicker boarding and deplaning, free baggage allowance, and free alcoholic beverages, but usually no meal or snack tray. Some people do not consider these perks worth the extra money charged for First; perhaps you felt otherwise. AA -- and other airlines -- will gladly take a hefty sum from anyone willing to pay it.
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