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On a mid-con, you could possibly get a cereal like Special K, some chopped fruit in a fruit bowl, a bread of some kind (muffin), small yoghurt, coffee or ? For lunch, a salad with chicken or salmon, a small meal basically.

Or considerably less out of meal windows on a regional jet. (Eat breakfast before flying.)

No, the FFP is for Coach, not for First.

You may (or not) get the opportunity to specify your meal within 30 days of flying - check your itinerary and see if the opportunity is offered.

See here - where this will probably be merged (Search for keyword menus).

This is the world in which we live now - airlines cutting back to the bone. (OTOH, you should see what passes for the next class up on, say, BA regional narrowbody flights - normal 3 x 3 coach seats, the middle seat blocked, the first few rows with perhaps 33" seat pitch and if they sell more they merely move a curtain back, with a small breakfast. You'll get ~38", 2 x 2 seating on an MD80 or 737... )

The airlines have reduced capacity - so higher demand, lower supply, higher prices.

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