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Originally Posted by MP (Miles+Points) View Post
We all have preference when we fly with Chinese carriers in domestic flights. Like Laowei don't like MU, I try everything to avoid HU due to bad experience.

I've been using MU for the last 15 years (FM even longer, over 20 years), only had 2 cancellations, Laowei must be quite unlucky on this. Bearing in mind, I don't do that many flights in China now, but in the past I do 70-100 a year in China.
True. I've flown with MU the most and therefore most of my problems have been with them. Unfortunately there are not much good options available for domestic flights. For international flights I'm willing to pay some premium to fly with non-chinese carriers. So in other words if I find a good deal with MU/CA/CZ or others alike I'll still take it.

Regarding to the cancellations I mentioned I must have had at least 15 cancellations during the last 5-6 years. This is the total figure, not only MU flights. Some of these have been (as suggested by chinatrvl) simply changing to another flight leaving an hour or two later/earlier. But also flights like SHA-TXN (only 1 daily flight) or SHA-XIY morning flight changed PVG-XIY late afternoon flight. I guess I'm just unlucky with these.
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