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Originally Posted by jiejie View Post
I wouldn't worry about cancellation issues on these international MU flights. These days, you're more likely to have problems with UA socking it to you with schedule changes on the TPACs.

In a vacuum of information, if the price is good and they are flying economy class, it should be fine. With context, such as what are the other SFO-HKT options and pricing, we might be able to be more definitive on whether the MU plan is the best one.

One thing about traveling via PVG is that if they want, they can schedule a stopover of up to 72 hours (assumes US passports) in Shanghai without needing Chinese visas. Shanghai would be an interesting counterpoint to Thailand and Phuket.
Thanks for all the feedback!!!

I was finding a ridiculous fare of $930, compared to $1300 for the next lowest price via matrix, however I couldn't get it to book. Kept going up to $1700... So ultimately I had to change the plan and recommended Singapore/Korean for $1150 at a slightly less convenient date for them.

However, I have wondered about China Eastern for a while anyways so I am grateful. Anyone know their date change fee policy for discount economy? ITA didn't mention a change fee, but wondered what your experience has been.
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