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Originally Posted by darben View Post
Could it be that the itinerary is not a guaranteed connection (to little time between trains) and thus Amtrak unwilling to chance you making the connection? Is that what you mean by published route? Or are you taking about booking a single train going A- B- C as 2 separate trains first A-B then B-C a few hours later

The way to check is to see if it bookable as a complete trip on Amtrak website.
If it is bookable as a complete trip on Amtrak then it is a guaranteed connection.

Of course you could be looking for a longer layover which I think Amtrak Guest Rewards would allow

Another alternative is to try and book the trip on 2 separate calls.
The original poster wanted to use two AGR redemptions consecutively on the same train with no requested stopover what so ever. First redemption A to B, and second redemption B to C. AGR reportedly said OP must do a (forced) overnight and take the next day train. Supervisors backed up the agent's decisions on this. The OP account had been tagged so other agents would not change the original agent's decision.

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