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Recent "forced stopover rule" for AGR?

Is there a phantom "forced stopover rule" when redeeming two AGR awards for a trip?

There is nothing about such a restriction in the recently published guidelines, but posters on AU say they've been repeatedly told they cannot redeem two awards unless they force an overnight stopover between the awards and take the next day's train. This gains nothing for Amtrak that we can see, but greatly inconveniences the passenger, adding an unnecessary hotel night.

For example, say someone wants to travel from point A to B on one award, and from point B to C on another separate award. If he or she is willing to pay the points for each of the two awards, wouldn't that be allowed?


Btw, I have not personally experienced this, but if the "rule" exists, it would affect a tentative trip I'd like to take. One poster was able to book such a trip without any problem, but others on AU have been refused even when each award was for a published route. Quite a bit of confusion over there about this. Help, please! Again, thanks.
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