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Expedia publishes the fee and conditions for when it is applied.
That condition applied to what you booked, and the fee was listed on your booking summary, you accepted the total and paid for it.

A Travel Agent can charge whatever service fees they like, and as long as you are told upfront what they are and accept them I don't exactly see what your problem is. You don't have to use Expedia.

Originally Posted by danielonn View Post
While I did save a considerable amount of money going through Expedia if I did this on Orbitz would I be charged the same fee? What gives? If I booked a family of 3 that would be $21 dollars.
Orbitz does not charge a fee for single carrier flights.

If you booked for a group of 100 you would have to pay $700 in fees! Definately a class action lawsuit

EDIT: After reading some of your past threads about frivolous lawsuits and injuries, it really does not put you in a good light at all. You sound like the type of person who would intentionally step in front of a car to sue them.
What amused me was how you were trying to extort money from an airport services company, because their agent who was guiding you through the airport because of your poor vision went to "hug a friend". How did you see this happen if you were being guided due to poor vision? Did you pay for this service? If not, why should you expect compensation for a brief wait?

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