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So, there are nice people in the reservations department...

I'm not Premier or anything...recently switched from Delta to United. Had a mileage run booked out of Orlando that I got for next to nothing, and upgraded all segments with the "miles+copay" option. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of my control, I have to cancel. Fortunately, all upgrades had cleared...which was now an unfortunate, or so I thought. I was expecting to have to pay a re-deposit fee. Now, I had done some research on getting refunds on co-pay upgrades that had already cleared. The experiences were mixed, but most said you have to pay the re-deposit fee for the miles and you lose the co-pay amount.

First call, was routed to call center in India. Agent went over rules of cancelling a ticket, blah blah blah. Then I asked about getting my upgrades refunded or applied to another flight. She said she would check with a supervisor. Came back on and said I would have to pay re-deposit. I then asked about "transferring to another trip", and she said that was a no. I said thank you for your time and hung up.

Second call, was routed to a call center in the US and spoke with perhaps the most professional and pleasant agent ever! After greeting her and asking how her day has been, I explained I wanted to cancel, and also that I had upgraded all segments with miles/co-pay. She explained that she could just refund the miles and copay with NO PENALTIES or RE-DEPOSIT FEES! I'm so happy right now! I have another trip in a few weeks with R space available, so I plan to utilize my returned upgrades for that.

Moral of the story and like everyone says, call back if you're not happy with the answer you've been given. Go out of your way to be nice to the person you're dealing with and always be polite and courteous. Sometimes that is all someone needs to make their day.

P.S I don't post often on here, but enjoy all the insight and information everyone provides! Thanks!
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