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Originally Posted by A_Lee View Post
If I book all my flights via the Discovery Airpass, then I won't have to worry about the booking class being they'll all be in the higher earning class (class L), based on a post I saw you made in the other thread. That is assuming I book well enough in advance and L is available. But if I end up booking regular tickets on their website, then guess I'll run into the issue of Q vs. H class you mentioned. Also noticed the price differential isn't much for web purchased tickets if booking HKT-CNX as two separate flights or the direct with one stop flight. But the direct flight I'm assuming only earns the points as if it's one flight, vs. two separate flights I'm guessing will earn double the points, so probably worth it for a couple hundred baht more, other than the need to the cool my heels at BKK for the next flight. Anyone know from experience about CNX-HKT if that's the case with the points for direct vs. separate flights?

PG 220 being a direct flight with a stop in BKK doesn't help me much with my concerns, because if the flight is delayed by more than 1.5 hours leaving CNX, it won't make up any significant time before arriving at HKT and I'll risk having check-in closed for my connecting flight at HKT. I guess if I took the earlier flight (PG 226 + PG 279), I'd be safe, though a 16:35 departure is a couple hours earlier than I'd like. Hmm, I wonder if booking combination flights like that count as one segment for the Discovery Airpass, but earn as two segments as far as points go? That'd be cool - paying USD 113 and earning 20 points. Anyways, I guess I'll try to see if I can track PG 220 for a while and see what kinds of delays it typically experiences. I'm not in a big rush being I've already booked my upcoming domestic travels on TG and won't have an opportunity to start using PG or another alternative till the fall.
The comment by a sales agent I alluded to in the previous post had to do with a direct flight. He mentioned that it would now be considered as 2 segments but I haven't tested this belief. The comment was also in reference to a int-dom connection which could be viewed differently than a dom-dom connection.

For domestic flights you can generally find prices better than the DA costs. The main benefit of a DA purchase, IME, is for one way international flights where PG pushes the booking class up to K.

Call PG and see if 220 + another segment qualifies for purchase. If so then it is counted as 2 segments. If not then you know it's only 1.

Tangentially if it's considered 2 segments I'd expect to get 20 pts. If its considered one then a 20 pt posting would be a bonus to exploit (and please notify me by PM )
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