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Bangkok Airways: Opinions, Blue Ribbon Club, vs. TG?

For anyone with experience flying PG a lot, I'm done with TG and looking for an alternative for flying domestically inside Thailand, and also for possibly some short regional trips from BKK to nearby South East Asia countries (VTE, LPQ, REP, RGN - all of which PG flies to).

So I'm wondering about experiences on PG, how it compares in general to TG, and what are people's experience/opinion about Blue Ribbon Club. As it is, I mostly fly between CNX and HKT, for which PG has a convenient direct flights which fit well into my schedule, vs. TG which I need to have two separate flights, connecting in BKK, due to inconvenient times for their direct flight. I'll also fly occasionally CNX-BKK, vv. Right now I fly about 4 domestic segments per month on TG, but that would translate to only 2 domestic segments per month on PG, with HKT-CNX being a single flight rather than two. Plus some scattered other domestic and/or international trips throughout the year, so maybe 30 - 35 total segments per year.

Anyways, I'm not particularly fussy, though on-time performance is pretty significant. Don't travel with a lot of bags, mostly in economy. Not looking for any specific advice, just some general opinions of the airline and if I'm making a wise decision to switch to them, or if anyone thinks another option is better. I absolutely despise Air Asia though, so they're not an option, and Nok Air doesn't have enough flights or a good schedule it seems for my needs, though still might consider them.

Also, does anyone know if the Discovery Pass is still valid? There's some good fares listed for HKT-CNX (113USD), but I cannot find anywhere on the home page that it links to this page:
So I'm worried that it's an old page and the pass isn't available anymore. That price is just marginally higher the TG with their APEX fares, but if I have to buy those at the regular price, then it's going to be quite expensive compared to TG.

I've dug up some old threads here and will study about Blue Ribbon Club on their website, but always good to get first-hand feedback from knowledgeable travelers as part of the learning and decision making process.


Edit: Looking over their website, seems their FFP is named "FlyerBonus", not "Blue Ribbon Club" as I first thought. So my questions were about experiences with their FlyerBonus FFP.

Edit2: I found a very good thread about PG here:
Where dsquared37 provided a lot of great information. I guess I'll try to contact PG regarding the Discovery Pass to see if it's still available or not. Seeing some posts about delays on PG has me a bit worried though. I'll need to use them with a 2.5 hour domestic-to-international connection late at night (CNX-HKT, connecting to OZ), and if the flight's delayed by too much I'll miss the connection. This is part of my regular monthly trips to Thailand, so not some one-off issue to worry about.

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