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Why does only "Y" get hit?

Marketing people always seem to win when it comes to adding more cool features and space in Business and First.
I remember not that long ago, a 62 inch pitch, 6 across and an angled seat (not even angled lie flat) were state of the art in first.

Today, people complain about that in business.

So there, the argumentation must be: "We just HAVE to add this and that gadget and use 50% more space per pax to make sure we can recover some yield." "And let's add a bar and a lounge and who cares about a cubic meter of water so they can have a shower".

In economy however, the argumentation seems to be the other way around: "The yield is so low anyway and we only sell on price, not quality, so we might as well put in the highest density charter configuration and offer the lowest possible service level". "And let's put 1g less sugar in the little bags, because our customers are so dumb they won't notice and we can surely safe a lot of fuel like this.".

Self fulfilling prophecy, it seems.
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