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2 full days in Kyoto - go to Nara?

Hi folks -

I'm going to Kyoto for the first time with my husband (he has been to Kyoto multiple times) and my folks in August. We'll arrive Saturday evening (probably only with enough time and energy to grab dinner), have Sunday and Monday in Kyoto, and then head to Tokyo on Tuesday afternoon.

We are arranging private tours and are just wondering if it would be recommended to stay/tour in Kyoto for the entire 2 days? The other option is to do a 6 hour tour of Kyoto on Sunday (plus dinner and exploration on our own, prob in Gion Sunday night), and then do a 6 hour Nara day tour on Monday, and then an hour and a halfish nighttime walking tour of Gion on Monday night.

Any suggestions? I wish we had maybe one more day in Kyoto but my parents are coming to Korea, and then they really wanted to go to Hong Kong, and of course they wanted to get to Tokyo for a few days as well, all within 2 weeks. So the planning just worked out that we'd only have 2 days in Kyoto. Any ideas or suggestions are really much appreciated!
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