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I can understand why there is little talk here about Spirit Airlines. I live near their headquarters in Miramar Florida and there tends to be a putrid smell when the wind blows from that direction.

I fly at least once a month, and rarely if ever do I see Spirit as offering any significant savings. I just randomly put in some dates about a month ahead into Travelocity for a R/T from FLL to DFW. Nonstops: Spirit $215, AA $263 1 stop US Air $242.
From FLL to NYC, oddly about the same prices. On FLL to BWI, at $167, Spirit is exactly $4 less than AirTran and $15 less than Southwest.

So basically, if you check or carry on just one bag each way on Spirit, the savings evaporates or you end up paying more.

Even if you can save a few bucks on certain routes, the thought of having my knees jammed into my throat, uncomfortable seats, dirty bathrooms, fees, fees, and more fees, no refunds unless it becomes national news, etc etc etc.

I really don't get it. But then I do typically have a roller bag so I guess that fact alone makes Spirit more expensive. And God forbid I plan on taking a backpack and need to carry a few more things and need a roller bag .... $$$ $$$ $$$ .... I just added $100 to the "cheap" ticket at the gate.

I gotta go. I need to close the windows and turn on the air conditioning. The wind just shifted and started to blow from the north.
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