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Originally Posted by Guy Betsy View Post
Should be ok. But if you have 3 hours, go for the 3 hours.

PEK is one of those airports that is questionable if one has to go through immigration or not..
Actually, there is no question on this particular connection, since both arriving and departing flights are in Terminal 3. He does not have to go through regular Immigration. After deplaning, he will follow the crowd but before the regular Immigration desk is a signed desk for "International Transit." (This is not the Transit Without Visa desk which is something else). The officer will look at the passport and at the onward boarding pass to the connecting flight and wave the passenger down a hallway, where he will encounter a dedicated security checkpoint that leads directly back to International Airside. This takes practically no time, except for the long terminal walk from arrival gate to Immigration area.

OP, you should be able to get your boarding passes for both flights in SIN and your bags should be tagged all the way to FRA, so you won't need to deal with them at PEK. Two hours is enough, but if you can get the earlier flight that gives you 3 hours, do so to give an extra cushion in case of incoming delay or PEK Air Traffic Control delay. You can spend any excess time in the CA J lounge until it closes at 01:00. You won't find anything else open in the departures area of the airport at this time, so have some snacks with you. The lounge offerings on the food parameter will be pretty sparse.
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