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Originally Posted by LilAbner View Post
Many moons ago, I mis-connected at IAD and went to this same (C-7) club for assistance with my return to LAX. A red headed lady in there went off big time on me when I asked if I could be routed back home on ANY plane or sets of planes that had F/C available for the upgrade that I had reserved for the flight that I missed. The answer given was, this in NOT Albertson's where you get coupons for buying a lot of potato chips. If you want something for nothing go to Albertsons and shop. We're putting you on the plane that we want you to travel on and that one is full in F/C." "These mileage awards are giving people something for nothing and we don't like it one bit!"

My point --- These people are hand picked and after a while it is them vs you, the passenger. What the OP needed was names, and hopefully he got them, because if not, no-one is going to own up to this b.s.!

The #1 rule is names and a photo of the exterior of the lounge, and a copy of the UC card sent to customer service. Without proper evidence he is probably going to get his chain jerked around.

Good luck --- OP!!! ^ ^ ^
There is a night and day kind of difference between the attitudes of AA lounge staff and UA lounge staff.... and a lot of it has to do with the history of AA lounges being under the sales&marketing folk.

The UA lounge staff attitude is so very poor on average compared to AA lounge staff attitude.
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