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So, I got refused admission to the IAD United Club...

This morning I was flying IAD-LAX, and tried to go into the IAD United Club near Gate C-8. The sign said United Club, and I have a membership in the Club, so it seemed like a logical place to spend some time before my flight.

The woman at the front desk was busy, so one of the agents at the counter called me over, and asked where I was flying. I told her LAX, and she told me that "this is an International United Club" and turned me away. She didn't scan my electronic Boarding Pass, or ask for my United Club Card.

I told her I thought it was ridiculous, since it says United Club outside, and it definitely wasn't the International First Lounge. She repeated that the Club was ONLY for people flying international flights....

I left and sat near my gate waiting for my flight, but thought I would check into things on my phone.... The United CLub near C8 was listed as a regular Club. I went back in and asked the woman at the front desk if it was a regular Club. She told me it was.

I asked her why the woman at the other desk refused to let me in. The woman from across the entrance again said, "this is an international lounge". Another employee standing nearby started to say that it was an international lounge too...

The front desk scanned my card and ID, and told me I could come in... I asked to speak with the manager. They left me standing there for 10 minutes, and I finally had to go because I could see my flight was boarding.

Funny that I then got onto a plane where Smisek talked about how it's the employees who make United Special... Maybe the IAD United Club employees should try watching that video.
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