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Originally Posted by Wally Bird View Post
2) During its existence, Air Florida operated international DC-10-30 service to several destinations in Europe. However, not all of the European destinations that appeared in its timetables were directly served by Air Florida. Instead, the airline had a feeder agreement in place with a European air carrier and the Air Florida titles appeared on the aircraft used by this European airline along with its own name and livery. Identify this airline and the jet equipment it flew on the Air Florida feeder service in Europe.

British Island BAC-111

7) In the fall of 1979, this air carrier was operating nonstop Lockheed L-188 Electra service from Anchorage (ANC) to four different destinations in Alaska. Each destination was served once a week with the Electra. Identify the airline. And here's a hint: it was not Reeve Aleutian.

Great Northern

15) In the spring of 1985, this airline was operating jet service into Brandon, Manitoba (YBR) six days a week (no service on o identify the intermediate stop.

Pacific Western 737. Thunder Bay, Toronto, Regina, Calgary and ummm...
2) British Island Airways (BIA) with the BAC One-Eleven is correct! I believe two of the routes flown by the carrier on behalf of Air Florida were AMS-LGW and ZRH-MAD (perhaps WHBM can confirm this).....

7) Great Northern (UO) is correct! The four destinations served by the carrier were Deadhorse, Kotzebue, Nome and Unalakleet. Interestingly, at this same time, Wien Air Alaska (WC) was operating B737-200 Combi service into Prudhoe Bay while Great Northern was serving Deadhorse. So there were apparently two commercially served airfields in fairly close proximity up on the North Slope at this time.....

15) Well, I just knew our man by the Salish Sea could be counted on for this one! Pacific Western (PW) with the B737-200 is correct! Regina was not served but you were darn close! Here's the scheds, which were basically transcontinental milk runs....

PW 100: Vancouver (YVR) - Kelowna (YLW) - Calgary (YYC) - Brandon (YBR) - Thunder Bay (YQT) - Toronto (YYZ). Op: X6

PW 101: Toronto (YYZ) - Thunder Bay (YQT) - Brandon (YBR) - Calgary (YYC) - Kelowna (YLW) - Vancouver (YVR) Op: X6

And here's a bonus quiz item: In September of 1994, only one airline was operating jet service into Kelowna (YLW). Identify the air carrier and the equipment.
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