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Originally Posted by HongKonger View Post
For those saying 22 A and K are good seats: I tend to prefer the aisle because of the ease of getting up. Are you saying that it is still easy to get up and out of the row despite being a window seat, because of the extra legroom?

Also, the first post of rwoman's awesome FAQ thread says 22B/J have bassinet attachments. But in this thread people say there aren't. I am going to ask DL.
HK, I had 22A for the NRT to JFK segment last month so the flight is still fresh in my mind and absolutely no trouble at all in getting up to get to the aisle. The extra legroom is such that whoever is sitting in 22B/C do not have to get up when you decide to stretch out or use the lav. From now on, 22A will be my seat of choice when flying on the 74S long haul. No more business class, primarily cause DL priced me out of it!
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