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Originally Posted by flyingmusicianlax View Post
Thanks, Aaron! Nice to know the RECARO seats will be several steps above the base model that we see on Euro carriers.
+1 My bum was so afraid about these new seats.

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Along with Wi-Fi, the addition of on-demand streaming video will become the standard for our Airbus fleet. As a result, when these aircraft go in to have the new seats installed, the traditional audio/video system with dropdown monitors will be removed. However, these aircraft won’t “go dark”—Wi-Fi will be available on all aircraft that have the new seats. In any case, like Wi-Fi the streaming product will eventually have pricing attached to it, although we do plan to offer a limited range of complimentary content until we finalize these plans.
How will you show the safety videos? Also I hope that you keep atleast a few movies free and have streaming audio at the very least.

Thanks for the update!

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