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Originally Posted by NickB View Post
And what exactly makes you think that they will keep their jobs? I would have thought that any baggage handler found guilty of theft or criminal damage (some damaged baggage out of spite when they could not steal from it) would indeed be fired.
If you mean: why were they not fired before? Well, if they had not been found to have committed any theft or damage, why should they have been?
really I do not understand at all your "shame on AZ" comment.
actually it had happened in the past that police caught red handed some handlers in FCO and MXP stealing from baggages in the halls before the delivery. They were fired immediately by their employers, put on trial soon afterwards and condemned to jail as well as to hefty fines, however all of them helped by the trade unions recurred against the sentences and won the reintegration in their job. So N830MH is right to be worried about the possibility of those gentlemens to put their dirty hands in baggages once more, although unfair to vent his anger to AZ, that simply uses them as contractors.
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