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Originally Posted by michelw View Post
I am trying to make sure I understand the FB website correctly. I have called to verify and I get conflicting information depending on the rep I get. So, when I log in to my account, it states:

Platinum . Since 04-06-2005
If you stay 1 years more Platinum, you will become Platinum for Life.

So does that mean I need to earn enough miles or segments through 2013 and then I would receive this status or do I need to earn it this year and next. I am confused only because of the date and I know that it is for 10 years. I was, however, Frequence Plus Rouge before that.
Your time as Fréquence Plus Rouge does not currently appear to be factored in. 04/06/2005 is the date that Flying Blue came into existence. If you had only just attained FP Rouge in early 2005 then this doesn't matter - but if you had FP Rouge, uninterrupted, for a period of years prior to the start of Flying Blue, then you need to get them to credit you with those years - assuming they still have records dating back that long at this remove!!!

However, based on the current start date (04-06-2005) then requalification in 2013 alone is not enough. Requalifying in 2013 would keep you platinum up until 31 December 2014 only - which is only 9.5 years when counting from 04-06-2005 (but, dependant on your getting Frequence Plus Rouge credit, and how many extra years this brings you, you may already have met the requirements, or requalification in 2013 may bring you to your adjusted target)

Originally Posted by Gajan View Post
Based on my calculations you need to qualify in 2013 and 2014.
Or perhaps also 2015...if they count only full calendar years...

When the new cards are issued in March of each year, it should finally become clear when you have achieved Lifetime Status (the card should state this). If you do really want the status, then keep running until you know you have it....and if the status isn't granted when you thought it would, you still have 9 months left in that year to determine whether to keep running....
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