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Originally Posted by thomwithanh View Post
Indeed.... still at least a year away though.

In the meantime, I have summer travel coming up on AA and I was trying to get in on that "Instant Status" promo they have going on right now. GLD/PLT/EXP until the end of August, fly 6K/12K/35K to keep it through 2015. GLD and PLT get 10 or 20 stickers just for registering, EXP gets all 8 eVIP's immediately on reaching 35K (in past EXP promotions you didn't get your eVIP's until you actually hit 100K).

Problem is it's targeted - although according to some reports people who haven't flown AA in years are getting these e-mails. I sent an e-mail to AAdvantage CS explaining I'm a US elite and spreading some of my travel to AA this summer, asked if they could add me to the target list for one of the promotions as a courtesy. PLT is doable with my summer travel easily, and I'd love the 20 stickers and not having to pay a $240 challenge fee. EXP would be a stretch but could be possible with a combination of P fares and mileage runs. Regardless, it would bump my status on US once they start matching statuses and that'd be a huge ^.
Thanks for the tip. Let me know how it turns out. If they are really doing this, I'd hop on the train - some AA flights are more convenient for me than US, and if I can take them without losing status, I definitely would.
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