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UK Domestic lounges (outside London) - catering arrangments from April 2013

This thread is to help explain the catering options for UK Domestic lounges outside the Metropolis. From 28 April 2013 the food and beverage arrangements were changed after BaxterStorey were awarded the catering contract. The lounges covered by this thread are Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle (at this stage). I don't have any specific information for Jersey or Belfast. Isle of Man and Leeds Bradford are third party lounges.

See this thread for details of the new London Gatwick First Lounge offering. The second post on that thread includes the note that BA are distributing to passengers to explain the changeover.

Housekeeping note: This thread is work in progress. Catering arrangements for LHR T3 and T5 has also changed, and I'll update the existing threads for Club, First and the Concorde Room lounges later today.

This is taken from Newcastle. Breakfast is now available until midday and is a sharply improved offering.


From top left - grapefruit segments, orange segments, Swiss muesli, corn flakes. Front row - greek yoghurt, strawberry yoghurt, rice krispies. Also available: Weetabix.


There is now a heated porridge vat on offer, replacing the Quaker Oat tubs. The flavourings on offer are honey, cinnamon sugar and raisins. This is the first time in recent history that hot food has been served in this lounge.


From left: blueberry muffins, brioches, pains aux raisins, croissants, Danish pastries.

Note the Island Bakery Organics biscuits in the jars at the back (handmade on the Isle of Mull, and the best biscuits I have ever come across): Shortbread, apple crumble, lemon melts, chocolate ginger.


Extended fruit options now include bananas, oranges, apples and pears.

Rest of the day

There are 4 soups on rotation, served from a vat. Today we have Mediterranean tomato and red pepper (vegetarian), served with assorted rolls, croutons, pumpkin seeds and chilli pieces. This is new for domestic lounges (apart from T1).

New flavours, and tastier, though fewer options that previously.
* Gammon ham with grain mustard and rocket, on malted bread
* Lemon and herb chicken mayonnaise, on malted bread
* Free range egg mayonnaise with spinach, on malted bread (vegetarian)
* Mozzarella, tomato, and pesto mayonnaise, on red pepper bread (vegetarian).

Yes we have fruit cake, or rather Fruit Loaf. Also Maderia Cake, plus the Island Bakery Organic biscuits mentioned above.

In the fridge there is also some sort of carrot cake squares, along with Cornish clotted cream (so presumably there are scones around too).

We used to have to make do with mini packs of plasticated mass produced cheese. Now are have advanced to English cheddar, English brie, and English stilton, along with Apple and cider chutney, oatcakes and Carrs' Water biscuits.

Replacing the small wrapped packets, we now have Avery jars of nibbles, flavours available today include fruit mix, chilli crackers and (out of the picture) British Airways Savoury Mix.

There are also 3 variety of Kettle Chips (no change): salted, cheese and chilli.

This is a significant improvement on the previous offering at domestic lounges. There are more food options, it is served more attractively, and the quality seems high. For example the previous croissants were low on taste and somewhat rubbery in texture, the new ones are lighter and more flavoursome. The biscuits have been switched from wrapped mass produced Walkers biscuits to a small company serving organically produced handmade biscuits. Indeed the general story is - at least some hot food, and a movement away from small wrapped packets of mass produced food, towards platters of tastier and more varied options. The staff are very pleased to see this change, even though it is a lot more work for them, simply because it adds a bit of pride to the offering. Well done British Airways and BaxterStorey!

Update information
29 April - opening post - breakfast options.
2 May - rest of the day menu.

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