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The whole idea behind "slim" wallets is more of a mentality change than anything else. I've gone to just a simple money clip with 2-4 cards and cash, swapping out the cards, as needed. Generally, it's ID, corp CC, and personal CC. Sure there are some downsides (no receipt storage, for example, and limited number of cards I can carry), but it's worked pretty well over the last year or so.

To the OP, it really depends on what the "usual amount of crap" and "much more than the usual number of credit cards" means. To me, the usual number of credit cards is 2. Sounds like you're trying to consolidate your wallets. Are you a man or a woman? My wife is a fan of the large Coach wallets (or maybe medium - I can't tell from the pictures). They also seem to have some large wallets for men, with multiple interior pockets and accordion-like expandability.
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