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I have booked 1 flight with COdbaUA in 2013, and didn't get this offer.

Tried to register, was rejected.

Not the greatest offer. Nothing like the generosity we saw with UA when they ran these.

Cheapest fare classes are excluded and travel must be "between" Apr 17 and May 23.

This is my favorite part of the "offer" -

"Miles accrued, awards, and benefits issued are subject to change ... "

At least they're clear about it now.

Originally Posted by IAH-OIL-TRASH View Post
I wish they would quit doing these things. At least it's only 50% vs double. Still, it's gonna inflate the elite levels to some extent with faux elites. And at least they didn't include the cheapest fare classes.
Don't worry. Between the targeting and the limitations, the ranks of faux elites won't grow by any perceptible amount. And, anyway, they won't take away your upgrades. Those will still go to people who pay for TODs.

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