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Originally Posted by Boatnut View Post
Have two AS cards. ( Canadian ).... Use them for business and was very happy for a couple years. Hung in there with the loss of first class companion. Same with no online access although that was very much a deal breaker. Final was change in availability of first class bookings with points and the points required.
IM OUT. Switched to Cap One card and can pay cash for first class at posted rates with same spend level. Did I mention on any airline at any time? INCLUDING ALASKA!!!!!
No comparison. I accumulate 25k plus points a month and they just blew me off...
Am I reading correctly that there are only 73 Canadian AS card holders? Find that hard to believe...
Where does it say that there are 73 AS card holders?
If you can put 25k spend per month you're better off getting an RBC Avion or a SPG Amex.
This card is just good for churning.
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