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Originally Posted by slippahs View Post
The answer to your question is yes, for $50 per seat, unless you are a Pualani elite. HA will attempt to upsell you the F seat regardless of whether you are booked on a paid or award ticket, so long as F seats remain.

I am in the same boat as Lavarock, nearing 20+ segments this year, all in Y. Just no need for an F seat. Heck, I'll even board dead last and pick a seat in the very back if that means getting to my destination earlier. It's 20-50 minutes max. Entirely bearable for such a short hop.
Thanks slippahs for the info. I've flown HNL-KOA [and back] so, yes, in most cases, there's no need for the F seat.

However, my fiancee and I will have 2 checked bags each, so for us, the $50 is worth the cost of the upgrade.

Having shelled out for discount F on our KOA-HNL return in 2011, I was exceptionally disappointed that HA didn't enforce the boarding priority for F, and when we boarded, there was no overhead bin space left in F.

So I had to fight the counterflow of traffic to retrieve my bag in the overhead, and being in the bulkhead of F, it was not fun.

Also the only adult beverage available to drink was only one choice.
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