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Originally Posted by FlyDeltaJets87 View Post
Bubba, I actually agree with much of what you say, whether I'm an HVC or not (and believe me, I'm not). But to compare DL making a day-of decision to divert for safety (due to weather or whatever) to DL changing the rules for SDC is insane. If DL wants to change the rules for SDC, they have that right and from a business sense, I don't necessarily disagree with some of the changes. But DL does owe more advance notice to customers who bought a ticket with certain understandings and expectations, and that's not in any way comparable to a weather delay.
I couldn't agree more, but I wasn't the poster that questioned. Read back in the thread. NY FLA said he wouldn't pay for SDC unless an airline paid for delays and diversions. I was just curious as to why due to the reasons you outlined above. It is always done for safety. FLYDELTAJETS - YOU AND I COULDN'T BE MORE ON THE SAME PAGE WITH THIS. Read the thread and you will see his statement. I was just seeking clarification due to the reasons you stated.
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